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Saint Martin’s Wines for 2015 have been chosen

Thursday 29th October saw the second and final round of judging of the wines which were endeavouring to earn the right to use the Saint Martin’s (Svatomartinské) brand name from 11th November.

A total of 445 samples were entered for judging over the two rounds, of which 369 were successful. The fact that the interest in Saint Martin’s wines is greater than ever was demonstrated not only in the amount of hopeful and successful wines entered, but also in the number of producers who met with success over the two rounds: 113 in all. According to the precise calculations made by the Wine Fund, our wineriers will furnish the market with some 2 300 000 bottles of Saint Martin’s wines of the 2015 vintage.

The greatest number of samples of Saint Martin’s wines this year come from white wines (167). This year there will be 97 Saint Martin’s wines made from the 97 Müller-Thurgau grape variety, 44 from the Moravian Muscat and 23 from the Frühroter Veltliner. The selection of white Saint Martin’s wines will be complemented by 3 blends, in other words wines using a mix of more than one recognised white grape varieties.

For rosé and blanc de noirs wines this year we have 103 wines to choose from. These are 61 rosés made from the Saint Laurent cultivar, 31 made from Zweigeltrebe, 10 from Blauer Portugieser and 1 cuvée.

The red Saint Martin’s wines that the winemakers will be offering to wine bars, stores and restaurants number 99: Blauer Portugieser 61, Saint Laurent 36 wines and 2 cuvées.

“The proof of the quality lies in the percentage of successful wines. Whereas last year the committee awarded the possibility of using the Saint Martin’s trademark to just under 80 % of the wines entered, this year it was around 83 %. The number of producers, samples and bottles will therefore be greater than ever this year. Moreover, this year’s Saint Martin’s will be of an even higher quality than lovers of these first wines of the year are used to,“ commented Jaroslav Machovec, director of the Wine Fund, in the wake of the evaluation.

The final number of Saint Martin’s wines from the 2015 vintage may even rise. The forecast comes from the number of neck collars for individual bottles that have so far been ordered. Producers have, according to the batches that were approved during the evaluation to use the Saint Martin’s trademark, a far greater amount of such wine in stock and thus are still able to order some more neck collars.

The “Saint Martin‘s“ trademark was registered in 1995 and its owner has been the Wine Fund since 2005. This year is therefore the tenth edition since the Wine Fund has organised the promotion of these wines under a single logo.

Press release. For more information please contact:

Jaroslav Machovec, Director of the Wine Fund of the Czech Republic – trademark, promotion

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Tel: +420 606 645 470

Marek Babisz, head sommelier at the National Wine Centre, o.p.s. – evaluations

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Tel: +420 602 470 262

Daniel Kříž, Omnimedia, s.r.o.                                                              

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Detailed statistics of Saint Martin’s wines 2015:


Grape Variety Total
Müller-Thurgau 97
Moravian Muscat 44
Frühroter Veltliner 23
Saint Laurent (rosé, blanc de noirs) 61
Blauer Portugieser (rosé, blanc de noirs) 10
Zweigeltrebe rosé and blanc de noirs 31
Saint Laurent (red) 36
Blauer Portugieser (red) 61
Cuvée 6
Total 369
Category Total
Saint Martin’s white 167
Saint Martin’s rosé and blanc de noirs 103
Saint Martin’s red 99
Region Total
Bohemia 8
Moravia 361

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