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Last year our winemakers brought home over 900 medals from around the world!

Historically the year 2018 became the most successful medal year ever and has once more confirmed the perpetually growing quality of Moravian and Czech wines. In all, our winemakers were awarded 909 medals, which is an almost unbelievable 181 more than the total gained during the previous year, itself a record-breaking year as well. Over a long period participation in foreign competitions has received the financial support of the Wine Fund, and so Moravian and Czech wines have made the world take notice of themselves. The organisation of Moravian and Czech participation in international wine contests is supported by the National Wine Centre which is based in Valtice.  

Among the medal-winners we find not only gold, silver and bronze medals, but also sixteen admirable great-gold medals and one platinum medal. The medal count is however also crowned by 5 titles of Champion, accordingly awarded for wines of exceptional quality, that had no rival in their particular category.  

Under the stringent patronage of the OIV, the International Organisation for Vine and Wine, some of the world’s most prestigious competitions are held. In these chosen wine contests above all, but naturally in other renowned events, the Wine Fund contributes financially to our winemakers first and foremost. Apart from the subsidy for taking part, it reimburses transport costs for competition samples to anywhere in the whole world.  

“In the case of our winemakers bringing home medals from such competitions, it signifies but one thing – their wines were of higher quality than thousands of wines from wine-producing super-powers and world-renowned wineries,“ Jaroslav Machovec, director of the Wine Fund commented, speaking of the exceptional successful year 2018, adding: “I am immensely grateful that over the past years we do not have to explain so much as to what our wines actually are like, but that we are reaping such sincere compliments from the mouths of the greatest wine experts in the world.“  

Greatest successes from 2018:

The largest number of medals: An unbelievable success was chalked up for Moravian and Czech wines in Vienna, in the AWC Vienna competition where they took an astonishing 347 medals.  

The most Champions: Moravian and Czech winemakers captured 4 straight Champions in the MUVINA Prešov competition, and these for Solaris, late harvest 2017 – Vinařství Šilinek; Roter Traminer, special selection of berries 2016 – ZD Sedlec u Mikulova; Merlot, late harvest 2015 – Habánské Sklepy s.r.o. and Bohemia Prestige Brut 2016 – Bohemia Sekt a.s. A title of Champion was also obtained by Josef Valihrach winery of Krumvíř in the Vino Ljubljana competition for their Cabernet Blanc 2018.  

The most prized medal: This success was harvested by the Gotberg winery at another prestigious world competition, the Decanter World Wine Awards in London. Here they were awarded a platinum medal for their Riesling, late harvest 2016.  

The most great-gold medals: Our wines received a tremendous boost at the Great American International Wine Competiton, which takes place in New York. From there they returned with a total of 5 great-gold medals for Riesling, straw wine 2015, and Lemberger (Blaufränkisch), straw wine 2015 both from the winery Vinné Sklepy Lechovice, Grüner Veltliner, late harvest 2017 and for Pálava special selection of grapes, 2017 from Vinné sklepy Zapletal and Lahofer Rosé 2017 from the Lahofer winery. Our winemakers chalked up another success at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, where they gained 3 great-gold medals. These were Vinařství Líbal for their Pálava 2017, special selection of grapes; Vinné sklepy Lechovice for Riesling 2015, straw wine and Zámecké Vinařství Třebívlice for Johann W Pinot Gris 2015, late harvest. Moravian wines also succeeded in the international Terravino Israel wine competition, whence they brought home 3 great-gold medals – this being the highest possible prize – for Vinné Sklepy Lechovice for their Roter Traminer, special selection of berries 2017, for the Vinofol company for their Kerner Pavlov Exclusive, special selection of grapes 2017 and for the Štěpán Maňák winery for their Merlot ice wine 2017.  

Further great achievements: At the San Francisco International Wine Competition Pálava 2017, special selection of grapes, from the Marek Líbal winery won the Best Late Harvest category, which in America means the best sweet wine. In the Concours des Grands Vins Blancs du Monde, Miloš Michlovský obtained the jurors‘ award Grand Prix de Jury for his Pinot Blanc, late harvest 2015.  

Thus the good name of Moravian and Czech wines not only extends far and away beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, but also gains greater and greater international popularity year after year. Our winemakers and their wines can audaciously be ranked among the very best in the world.  


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