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International Wine Challenge - London

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) owned by William Reed Business Media is now in its 34th year. The IWC is accepted as the world‘s finest and most meticulously judged wine competition which assesses every wine blind and judges each for its faithfulness to style, region, varieties and vintage.

Tastings takes place over 4 weeks in a suite of rooms that form part of the iconic Oval Cricket ground in south London. Throughout the rigorous judging processes, each medal-winning wine is tasted on three separate occasions by at least 10 different judges and awards include Trophy, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and Commendations.

Approximately 30 judging panels comprising four to five judges of which one is Senior, one or two are Judges and one may be Associate, taste daily about 10 different flights of wine totalling between 50 and 60 samples. The Panel Chair is in most cases a Master of Wine (MW). Would-be tasters in this contest will have to undergo a training ending with an exam prior to being appointed to the panel, unless they have at least a WSET Diploma level certificate in which case they may be invited to participate as associates for a couple of years before becoming judges.

The 2018 results have now been published on

and include all award winners, as well as IWC International Varietal Trophies, IWC National Trophies, IWC Regional Trophies and Great Value, IWC Winemaker of the Year Shortlist, IWC Champion of Champions Shortlist and IWC Own Label Award Shortlist. The IWC Saké Results will be published and 1 June and all the Champions will be announced during the IWC Awards Dinner at the Hilton Park Lane on 10 July 2018.

The Czech Republic was well represented as usual and our winemakers were awarded 6 Silver and 13 Bronze medals, as well as 19 Commendations.

Silver medals were awarded to:

  • Veltlínské zelené 2017, Rodinné Vinařství Vican
  • Veltlínské zelené Traditional line 2016, Dobré Pole – Daniel, Vinařství Mikrosvín Mikulov
  • Veltlínské zelené 2017, Rodinné vinařství Vican
  • Pinot Gris Late Harvest 2015, Vinselekt Michlovský
  • Veltlínské zelené VOC Znojmo 2017/7327, Znovín Znojmo
  • Tramín červený pozdní sběr 2017, Vinařství Čech

Bronze medals were awarded to:

  • Bohemia Sekt Prestige Brut 2015, Bohemia Sekt a.s.
  • Bohemia Sekt Prestige 36 Brut 2013, Bohemia Sekt a.s.
  • Fresh Wine – Hibernal 2017, Vinařství U Kapličky
  • Ryzlink rýnský 2015, Château Bzenec
  • Neuburské 2017, Vinařství Lahofer
  • Herbarium Moravicum Muškát moravský 2017, Zámecké vinařství Bzenec
  • Hibernal pozdní sběr 2017, Vinařství Štěpánek
  • Muškát moravský pozdní sběr 2017, Vinařství Štěpánek
  • Hibernal výběr z hroznů 2017, Vinařství Štěpánek
  • Rulandské šedé 2017, Vinařství Lahofer
  • Rulandské bílé Traditional line 2016, Perná – Purmice, Vinařství Mikrosvín Mikulov
  • Ryzlink vlašský 2017, Nad Sklepy
  • Pálava selection of berries 2017/7359, Znovín Znojmo

Apart from the author, another juror on the judging panel from the Czech Republic was Zdeněk Karafiát DipWSET, originally from Sokolov.

The judging dates for IWC 2019 have been announced as follows:

-         Tranche 1: 12-16 November 2018

-         Tranche 2: 1-11 April 2019.

Text and photo: Helena Baker DipWSET

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